We believe in following your heart instead of listening to your brain. Sure, the brain may make the plans, but the heart holds all the passion. And yes, a headache can be cured easily with a pill while heartache may last forever. But would you really want to go through life while feeling nothing? We sure wouldn't.

People used to tell us to walk with our heads held high. But every time we tried we got accused of getting our heads caught in the clouds. The experience taught us that a clouded mind is better than a heavy heart. And the sad truth is that we all have a limited amount of heartbeats.

So we decided to make each heartbeat count. We focused on the "do" and forgot all about the "don'ts". And you know what? We actually had fun while doing it. They say that laughter makes you live longer. We don't know if it's true, but we do know this: A good laugh sure as hell makes life worth living. And while you live it you might as well look your best.

That's the Somewear state of mind.